Amalfi Coast to Tuscany

elena nacci Staff asked 5 anni ago
Amalfi Coast to Tuscany

Hi Elena,
My wife, my sister and I are planning a 19 day trip to Italy in Sept into Oct.  I have already booked B&B’s in Venice for 2 nights, Rome for 3 nights and Salerno for 4 nights.  We will be traveling by train between those locations but plan on renting a car on our last day in Salerno and driving up to Tuscany.  Are there any interesting places to see on the drive to Tuscany and should we plan on spending 1 night along the way?  We are planning to spend 4 nights in Tuscany and seeing some of the sights.  After Venice & Rome I think we will have had our fill of museums and art so we would like to see more of the countryside in Tuscany and some of the smaller villages. We were thinking of staying at a Agriturismo during our stay in Tuscany. Can you recommend a place and a town centrally located for touring Tuscany? Also coukd you recommend some places to visit.  Thanks

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elena nacci Staff answered 5 anni ago
As you are in Salerno for 4 nights I imagine you’ll go exploring the beautiful Amalfi Coast!
The road from Salerno to Tuscany offers a lot to see, as the famous wonderful Reggia di Caserta or the Abbey of Montecassino, and also the beautiful Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana at Tivoli. 
The best areas of Tuscany where to see more of the countryside and some of the smaller villages are San Gimignano, Chianti and Val d’Orcia. Val d’Orcia is particularly rich in scenic landscape and amazing little hill towns.
A place and a town centrally located for touring Tuscany is certainly the wonderful medieval village of San Gimignano, popular for its many towers. San Gimignano can be a great base to go discovering Tuscany. Agriturismo Guardastelle and Agriturismo Il Segreto di Pietrafitta are 2 great places to stay in the area. 
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