Planning a road trip from Florence to Perugia taking in Val d'Orcia

Planning a road trip from Florence to Perugia taking in Val d’Orcia

Questions & AnswersCategory: Planning Trip to TuscanyPlanning a road trip from Florence to Perugia taking in Val d’Orcia
Anonymous asked 4 years ago
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Planning a road trip from Florence to Perugia taking in Val d’Orcia

Ciao Elena,
Early July 2015 we plan on hiring a car and leaving Florence on a Friday and must be in Perugia on the Saturday before approx. 7 pm for the car drop off. We wish to see the Val d’Órcia area.
My question is- Can we comfortably manage to visit “the Best Tuscan Towns and Villages” (as recommended by you), all 8 of them, in our 2 days on the road? I’m thinking Pienza will be our over- night destination as it appears about 1/2 way and sounds a great place to stay…?
I await your opinion/suggestions, grazie.

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elena nacci Staff answered 4 years ago
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Ciao Lyn,
many thanks for getting in touch!
When you say the Best Tuscan Towns and Villages I imagine you refer to this list, including San Gimignano, Volterra, Cortona, Monteriggioni, Pienza, Montalcino, Montepulciano, and Pitigliano 🙂 All stunning!
I think that visiting all 8 of them in 2 days on the road would not be doable. Pitigliano is the one to leave off for its location in the far south of Tuscany.
Here is the itinerary I suggest to cover the other villages on the list:
Leave Florence in direction of Siena and then head west to visit Volterra and San Gimignano, then again in direction of Siena to reach the lovely Monteriggioni. Continue south of Siena to reach Montalcino, head east for the beautiful Pienza, that will be perfect as your overnight destination. After Pienza and possibly a visit to the near fascinating Bagno Vignoni, go visit Montepulciano, and finally head towards Perugia.
This way you can visit almost all of the villages and also have the time to see them more calmly. You may even decide to skip Volterra so to have more time to visit the beautiful San Gimignano and maybe consider a stop in Siena after Monteriggioni.
I remain at your disposal for any further help,
Have a great Tuscan stay!

Lyn replied 4 years ago

Ciao Elena,Grazie! Your reply is very helpful and appreciated. Your site is most informative and I have used it to get a great feel for Tuscany. I can’t wait to get there. Already I feel that another visit will be on the horizon to see the places that we miss!Lyn 🙂

elena nacci Staff replied 4 years ago

Dear Lyn,Thanks for your nice reply!Definitely plan another Tuscan trip in the future, there are countless treasures to visit:-)elena

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