Our first trip to Italy 3 to 4 weeks, planning trip

Our first trip to Italy 3 to 4 weeks

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DianaLea asked 4 years ago
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Our first trip to Italy 3 to 4 weeks

Hello Elena,
It is obvious from your web site that your heart is truly in Tuscany and we want to thank you for all the wonderful information and pictures.   We live just outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada and this will be our first trip to Europe.  Now that we are retired and have the time we are going to make our travel dreams a reality.  Italy is our first choice and we are even more excited about our trip after seeing all the beautiful places you have featured.
My husband and I are arriving in Rome on August 31st and have rented an apartment until Sept 3rd.  We are thinking of going to Siena and stay until the 5th then rent a car for a week.  I have contacted Silvia at Agriturismo Podere Cunina, just south east of Siena and would like to use this as a base for travel for Pisa, Lucca and some of your recommended towns between them and Siena. We would also explore the Chianti region and other towns and villages south and east of Siena.  What sort of time frame are we looking at to do this?  Is a week enough?  We also hoping to enjoy a glass of wine while touring around so would taking the bus be a better option for some of these areas?
We want to go to Venice, Bologna and Florence which I think we’ll do by train???   We also want to go to Cinque Terre and go down to the Amalfi Coast.  There are so many places that you have recommended and we want to see them all but that may not be realistic.  We’re hoping you will be able to help with that:)
We haven’t booked a return flight yet but expect we’ll fly from Rome.  Just as a note, I have a muscle condition that limits the amount of activity I can do so full day tours don’t work for me.  I will likely need a few down days here and there as well (was thinking cooking class at the Cunina for one of them).  Other than that I am ready and willing!!
We are so excited about our trip and thank you in advance for any suggestions/recommendations you have.
Ciao,  Diana (and Don)

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elena nacci Staff answered 4 years ago
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Ciao Diana and Don,
thanks a lot for your nice message:-) I’m happy to give some advice for your first trip to Europe.
Agriturismo Podere Cunina is a good choice and a very god base to go discover Tuscany such as the beautiful destinations I enlist here. Podere Cunina is immersed in the fascinating Crete Senesi area, and you’re very near the fantastic sights and the unique natural beauty of the Val d’Orcia area.
For the wine tasting you can consider the bus, the area you’re staying is full of fantastic wineries, I’m sure Silvia can recommend some good ones near the agriturismo.
To reach Venice and Bologna you need to take a fast train from Florence Santa Maria Novella train station. Venice is a must! As you have the car you can reach Florence by car but park outside the city center, in Scandicci, so to avoid traffic. 
If you’re going to stay more days, definitely go to visit the Amalfi Coast, a dream!
Feel free to ask any other question,
Enjoy planning your holiday, 
elena from Florence

DianaLea replied 3 years ago

Hi Elena, we have spent 3 great days in Travestere and know we need to go back to Rome to see more. Will stay a few days before we fly out. Our time at Podere Cunina has been wonderful. So close to all the beautiful hillside towns you suggested. We are returning our rental car to Sienna and have rented an apt. In Florence for 2 nights (probably not long enough but ??). From there we will head to Venice but will be doing it by bus/train and wondering if Bologna is worth spending a night or two in? From Venice we are wondering about going to Milan or go directly to Cinque Terre. Also, what is the best means of getting to these places. I’d like to rent a car but hear horror stories about finding parking. Our friends recently had their car broken into while parked at the rail station in Venice.Thanks in advance, Diana

elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Dear Diana,
I’m very sorry for my late reply.
I suppose you have already left Venice, right? Visited Bologna then? Nice town.
All the places you’ve mentioned, from Venice to Milan and the Cinque Terre can be reached by train, that is also the best way to move around as parking places are expensive and limited.
Let me know how all is going,
I’m here for any other help,
sorry again for my delay,

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