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One month in Italy without a car.

Questions & AnswersOne month in Italy without a car.
Rebecca asked 4 years ago
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Hi Myself and my 11 year old daughter are travelling for a month in Italy in Oct and would love information on where to stay and what to do. Not touristy and a load of fun and history would be great. starting from Amalfi Coast up to venice incl Cinque Terre and we especially love Lucca.
many thanks

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elena nacci Staff answered 4 years ago
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Dear Rebecca, thanks a lot for contacting me! I’m happy to give some help 🙂
Italy is a beautiful place! So full of amazing sights!    My recent article “The Best Tour of Italy” suggests a travel itinerary across Italy best destinations! Have a look to get some ideas.    The wonderful Amalfi Coast is of course part of it, I’ve been there and love it! For your accommodation there, I recommend the lovely Amalfi Residence in Conca dei Marini, offering apartments with view.   As for your itinerary, considering you’re not willing to rent a car, I’d suggest the following travel plan:  
Amalfi Coast
Siena (from Siena visit San Gimignano by bus)
Firenze (from Firenze visit Pisa, Lucca, and the Chianti)
Florence is a great city and it’s the ideal place for a child, there are many activities and things to do for the little ones.
From where are you coming back home? If you could tell me more details, I can work on a more suitable plan.    I remain at your disposal, Ciao from Florence, Elena

Rebecca replied 4 years ago

HiThank you – I would love to do Cinque Terre approx dates are 24th 25 th Oct after Florence and before Venice – would this work and what town or accomodation would you recommend for there please? Also Lucca sounds amazing would this be best or Sienna to stay in?Many thanks againRebecca

elena nacci Staff answered 4 years ago
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Hi Rebecca! I’m happy to hear from you 🙂
The Cinque Terre would work great! You can reach the Cinque Terre by train from Pisa train station. The Cinque Terre are beautiful! the sea is splendid! From the Cinque Terre reach Genova and from there take a train to Milan. After the visit to Milan take a train to reach the marvelous Venice!
For your stay in the Cinque Terre, I recommend La Torretta, offering charming rooms and apartments with fantastic sea view, in the wonderful village of Manarola. 
As far as less touristy destinations you were mentioning in your first message, note that from both Siena and Florence you can use train and/or bus to reach some of them, have a look here for the best day trips from Florence, and here for the best day tours from Siena.
Lucca or Siena? Both are really beautiful and very different from each other! I love them! You may consider staying in both towns, or as you particularly love Lucca, right stay there! The train station of Lucca is next the medieval walls and the city center so it can work great as well. Do you need suggestion for your accommodation here as well?
For any other help, just contact me!
Have a nice day!

Rebecca replied 4 years ago

Hi Yes we would love accomodation suggestions for Lucca. I had planned on staying 10 nights near Florence but maybe Lucca instead?… Are we able to reach all day trips from Lucca though? Your accomodation suggestions are great.Kind regardsRebecca

Rebecca replied 4 years ago

HiI have just viewed the stunning accom in Cinque Terre – due to us being away for so long 118 days we do need a more economical place to stay please and would love further accomodation options.Kind regardsRebecca

elena nacci Staff answered 4 years ago
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Here I am Rebecca:-)
For the Cinque Terre I also suggest Appartamento Gianna or A Ca Da Vaniglia apartments.
All day trips I mentioned you, actually are better reached from Florence, but you may well spend 2 or 3 nights in Lucca, and from there visit Pisa, Viareggio, and Pistoia by train. In Lucca you may stay at Residence il Duomo.
Keep in touch,

Rebecca replied 4 years ago

Hi ElenaI thank you so much for all of your help! We really could not have done this without your advice.This is our final itinerary and I would hope it is ok?… Alberobello – 2nightsRome 3 nightsAmalfi (Positano) 6 nightsSienna 5 nights Florence 4 – 5 nightsLucca 4 nightsCinque Terre 4 nightsVenice 2 nightsIf the weather is poor then we will stay in Lucca for the extra 4 nights.Your opinion would be very welcome. Should we be moving around or staying in one spot?Kind regardsRebecca

Rebecca replied 4 years ago

Hi Please see the comment posted.

elena nacci Staff replied 4 years ago

Here I am Rebecca 🙂
Your final itinerary is ok! I would just stay 1 or 2 nights more in Venice, it’s so beautiful!
As far as if it’s best moving around or staying in one spot, that depends on you! If you think that changing spot anytime can be stressful, especially as you’re going to travel by public transports, then consider skipping a few destinations. On the contrary, if you love to see as many places as possible, then your itinerary is great!

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