Locanda Le Boscarecce near Castelfiorentino Tuscany

Locanda Le Boscarecce near Castelfiorentino

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Anonymous asked 4 years ago
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Locanda Le Boscarecce near Castelfiorentino

My husband and I are staying 4 nights at the Locanda Le Boscarecce – a Country Inn in a farmhouse near Castelfiorentino.
I have heard good things but wonder if it is on you are familiar with these accommodations. Also, I would appreciate any day trips you can recommend. We will have a car but would prefer to keep our trips in the 1 hour range. I am interested in Volterra – would rather stay off the tourist routes and explore. Would appreciate any smaller towns with artisans and great local food. Maybe one day North and one South?
Thanks in advance for your guidance and thoughts on where we are staying.

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elena nacci Staff answered 4 years ago
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Dear Angie,
Here I am ­čÖé thanks for joining our community!
Actually I’m not familiar with the┬áLocanda Le Boscarecce, but I see it has exceptional reviews ­čÖé
Volterra is beautiful, visit it together with the ever popular but not to be missed San Gimignano, the small hill village famous for its medieval towers. 
There are quite many day trips to smaller towns with artisans and great local food you might consider.
First of all Certaldo, incredibly charming hill town only half an hour away from Locanda Le Boscarecce. The place is on the very top of a hill and has a fantastic panorama up to San Gimignano. This is also the place for great food.
Also Montaione and Colle val d’Elsa are nice villages you could consider south.┬á
Moving north is Vinci, famous little town for being the birthplace of the great Leonardo da Vinci, but actually among the less visited places in Tuscany. In Vinci is a very interesting museum dedicated to Leonardo and good restaurants.
Also take a look at these day trips from San Gimignano, where you might find some other destinations to put on your wish list ­čÖé
Feel free to contact me again,
elena from Florence

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