Help Trip to Tuscany

Help Trip to Tuscany

Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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Help Trip to Tuscany

Hi,good afternoon,
Thanks for you answer by mail.
So, as i told you i would like to have some advice and guidance for my trip to Florence and to Tuscany region.
I  would be there for 8 days….my plan is spend 3 days in Florence and after explore Tuscany.
So would like if you can advise me some local accommodation for example pension,hostel or hotels with nice prices 🙂
I’m interested mostly to visit those amazing villages/town, theater of silence and so on,
what you advice me ?

Thanks in advance

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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Hi Cleber,
Thanks a lot for coming here!
To start with you may start by reading my post dedicated to planning the perfect trip to Tuscany, especially useful if it’s your first time to Tuscany.
While here I make an example of how it’s best to plan a week in Tuscany. 
While in Florence’s town center, you will not need the car, you can explore this beautiful town on foot or by bus. Florence has a lot to offer!
For the most amazing villages and towns in Tuscany here is my list of the very best of Tuscany 🙂 and here is the second part!
For cheap but very good accommodation through Tuscany I suggest you have a look at this reliable website, where you can get the direct contact with the property’s owners. Afetr leaving Florence I would first stay in Chianti or in the scenic area of San Gimignano for 2 days, and the rest south of Siena, in Val d’Orcia.
Do contact me again for another question,
Elena from Florence

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