General Info on visiting Tuscany for the first time

General Info on visiting Tuscany

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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Hi Elena, Joe from new York.
I am an adventure traveler interested in perhaps visiting Tuscany before or after a Mount Blanc hiking tour. I would be traveling in June of 2016. This would be my first trip to Italy. My only goal would be Tuscany, as I don’t want to run around the whole country like a crazed tourist over only a handful of days. I have visions of the old small, quaint towns and doing a bit of countryside touring. I have been looking at various tour companies and options but it isn’t exactly what I am looking for. Small group travel seems nice, as I mostly travel alone. I’m having a difficult time sorting all the information that is available on the internet. Also, the pricing seems a bit much. I’m a bed and breakfast kind of guy, and less expensive, simple accommodations are all I need.
What would be the best experience for a first time visitor? What would you recommend for a solo traveler? 
Your help would be much appreciated.

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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Hi Joe,
thanks a lot for contacting me, I’m happy to help.
Since this is your first time to Italy ad Tuscany, you might give a look to how to plan the perfect trip to Tuscany, it contains useful info.
First, you should decide where to stay in Tuscany, one place to use as a base or maybe moving around? What exactly are you looking for? an organized tour for all the duration of your trip? or a good company offering day tours for small group tours?
For day tours I recommend ArtViva Tours that is based in Florence and offers small group tours. 
You can also consider exploring Tuscany’s best destinations with no need of a tour, that will save money and you will have much more freedom. You only have to rent a car.
That is the best way to go visiting old quaint towns through Tuscany as well as some of its most popular hill villages.
I remain at your disposal,

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