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Best way to relax in Tuscany

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Anonymous asked 4 years ago
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Best way to relax in Tuscany

Hi, Elena! I\’m planning a trip for my wife and I in June, and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. We have wanted to see Tuscany for some time, but I honestly don\’t know which province would be most appropriate for us. Let me start by listing a few of the things we avoid when traveling:
1. Cities
2. Crowded tourist destinations
3. Hopping from place to place

We much prefer to settle on a scenic, semi-secluded vacation rental or B&B, where we can make short, relaxing day-trips from, and we prefer to limit trips to 7-10 days. Our romantic vision for this trip is to find a gorgeous Tuscan farmhouse or vineyard where we can just relax, drink wine, and soak up the Tuscan sun with a good book in hand. Where do I begin this kind of search? The dilemma we constantly find ourselves in is there is very little information available for those of us with travel preferences like the ones I\’ve described. Please help! 🙂

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elena nacci Staff answered 4 years ago
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Hello Ed,

Tuscany is really full of beautiful places where to relax 🙂 You can’t go wrong.
Me and my family also love to go for peaceful spots far from crowded tourist destinations!
I can suggest some lovely and semi-secluded places to stay in different locations in Tuscany, all beautiful and renowned for their scenic countryside:
Villa Medicea di Lilliano: a wonderful historic villa and wine estate up in the Florentine hills, where privacy and seclusion are a must.
– Romitorio di Serelle: a typical Tuscan farmhouse in Chianti all surrounded by scenic vineyards and splendid views, perfect to relax!
– Villa Bordoni: a beautiful Tuscan villa enjoying a secluded location in Chianti, between Florence and Siena. The view is stunning, running across the scenic countryside with lots of vineyards and olive groves. The accommodations are enchanting!
– Borgo Lucignanello Bandini: a charming place full of silence in the wonderful countryside of Siena.
– Pieve a Pava: half an hour south of Siena, this lovely guesthouse offers lovely rooms in country style in a territory where silence is the real protagonist, the Crete Senesi!
Take a look at the various options and let me know 🙂
Happy planning,

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