Best Hotels with Spa in Tuscany:Thermal Baths,Italy

Best Hotels with Spa in Tuscany

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Anonymous asked 4 years ago
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Best Hotels with Spa in Tuscany

Hello Elena,
I spotted your blog while searching for where to go in Tuscany and wondering if you could provide some advice.
I will be travelling to Florence in mid April for a conference at Villa Panna which is in Scarperia.  Friend and I want to continue on for a few days and explore the region.
Am interested in staying maybe a night or two at one of the spas to experience the hot thermal springs.  I heard a few of the best are Grotta Giusti, Bagni di Pisa or Fonteverde.  Which would you recommend?
Is it easy to get around by transport or would you recommend hiring a car?
What other activities would you suggest ie horse riding?
Is it worth traveling along coastal area ie Maremma or will it be too cold?
Would really appreciate your advice and recommendations on where to stay.  We would like somewhere nice (mid – high range)

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elena nacci Staff answered 4 years ago
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Hi Linda!
I’m glad to give some advice for your upcoming trip to Tuscany!
Tuscany has lots of extraordinary hot thermal springs and April is the perfect month to enjoy them! All the thermal spas you mention are fantastic, and the one I would recommend as your first choice is the Fonteverde Hotel and Spa, both for its waters, the ambience, and the beautiful stunning countryside all around! We are in the stupendous territory of the Val d’Orcia Park in the province of Siena, where natural beauty is incredible.
A car is always recommended to tour Tuscany, and also gives the possibility to admire the unique Tuscan landscape winding through scenic curvy roads . Horse back riding is a great activity, other activities you may consider are having cooking courses, wine tours, and excursions. Many more activities to enjoy in Tuscany here
April can be a great time to travel along the coast of the Maremma, it’s not absolutely cold, temperatures are very mild, even warm on sunny days. That part of the Tuscan coast is very scenic, you’ll have a great time!
Do not hesitate to contact me again fro any other suggestion needed,
Ciao from Florence and enjoy your Tuscan stay!

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