Best agriturismo in Tuscany, Italy

Best agriturismo in Tuscany

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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Best agriturismo in Tuscany

Hi My name\’s Julie, together with my boyfriend and 5 months old boy Harvey, we are going to Tuscany in the end of sep, for around 10 days. And i\’m researching to find the perfect place for us to go! Maybe you can help?We want to go a nice place, with a little one its important to really like the place we might be stuck there a lot of evenings if Harvey is not up for anything…so an area so we can sip wine in the evening would be good. Also the restaurant at the place is SOOO important. The reason we are going to Tuscany is for the food(-;But a town close by would also be very lovely- again for the food…Basically everywhere wheres theres good food and a beautiful view(-;Hope you can help us in the right direction?All the best.julie

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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Hi Julie,
Thanks a lot for getting in touch and sorry for the delay.
You say good food and beautiful view…I soon think to the scenic and enchanting countryside near the beautiful hill town of Pienza, south of Siena, in the area known as Val d’Orcia.
I can suggest some different options in the area so you can take a look at:
Farmhouse il Rigo
Agriturismo Bonello
Agriturismo Podere Santa Maria
Another area really worth staying in Tuscany is the countryside surrounding San Gimignano, the beautiful popular hill town with towers, here are my suggestions for a great stay:
Locanda Viani, very near the city center
Casanova di Pescille
Take a look and get back to me for any further suggestions needed,
All the best,

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