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bb cortona close to everything but quiet

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Shanti asked 2 years ago
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BB Cortona close to everything but quiet

Hey Elena I’m planning an art retreat (mixed media sketchbooking, fun!) and wondering if you can recommend a nice B&B accommodation in Cortona as a possible base for my Tuscan adventure.  Ideally it’s convenient to train station (coming from Rome) and close to interesting things (plaza, cafe’s, etc).  I don’t want to hire a car, planning to take a train straight from the airport and hope to walk everywhere.  Will look at taking a couple of day trips (organized tour) from Cortona to see more of the Tuscan countryside.  Looking to go at the end of September 2018 and take up to a dozen ladies on such an art-y adventure.  Thanks for your recommendations!  Best wishes, Shanti, My website.

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elena nacci Staff answered 2 years ago
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Hello Shanti! thanks a lot for your request! I’m happy to help 🙂
As you’re not moving by car, Cortona can actually be a great choice, as it’s an idyllic hill town very convenient to be reached by train from Rome.
Cortona is a beautiful small medieval hill town with stunning views, it is also famous for the filming of the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”. Cortona is also a great base to explore both Tuscany and Umbria, from where to take fantastic day trips to some of the most beautiful sights of the region. The area offers a lot, food and wine are great here!, and I think it will be the perfect place for an art retreat! 🙂
Here is a short holiday guide for Cortona. Coming to your request for a B&B in Cortona close to everything but quiet, I suggest:
B&B Le Bifore: lovely and refined b&b in the center, with rooms offering an endless panorama
La Corte di Ambra: a luxury and refined b&b still in the city center
Locanda Pane a Vino: really lovely b&b in the center, that also has a restaurant
Take a look and in case you wish other suggestions, just get back to me 🙂

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