a two week stay in Tuscany

a two week stay in Tuscany

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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Hi, My husband and I are arriving early October for a two week stay in Tuscany.  We are trying to plan our drive, and have heard conflicting reports about where to go.  Should we plan on going to Venice for two days? Should we include Cinque Terre in our visit? Or just focus on Tuscany?  Thanks!

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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Thanks for your message, I’m glad to help!
First time in Italy? I would certatinly add the amazing and unique Venice to your trip 🙂 This city on the water is beautiful especially during this time of the year, very atmospheric.
I would instead skip the Cinque Terre, that are better visited during summer time.
After your 2 days in Venice I would take a fast train to Florence, stay there for about 2 or 3 days, then rent a car and start to to explore Tuscany and its many attractions.
This is an example of a 2 weeks stay in Tuscany, just to give you an idea of all the sights you might visit. As for places to stay I would probably make your base in 2 different destinations, one in the area of San Gimignano and the other south of Siena, in Val d’Orcia.
San Gimignano is a good base and makes good for these day trips, and Val d’Orcia is a another good starting point, also to visit southern Tuscany. At the end of this post, at point 4, all the day trips you can make from there.
Take a look and for any further question, just get back,
Happy planning,

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