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4 days trip to Tuscany

heleonor asked 1 year ago
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4 days trip to Tuscany

I’m planning a family 4-day trip to Tuscany early this May. We will be arriving at Pisa airport and we are going to rent a car (and back to the same airport on departure). I would welcome any suggestions on planning a route in Tuscany that would exploit this time length in the most efficient way. Note that Florence is excluded as we have been there before.
Is it better to find accommodation in one, central place and go for daily excursions, or to stay in different places in each of the 3 nights?
Thanks in advance

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elena nacci Staff answered 1 year ago
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Ciao! and thanks for posting here 🙂
It’s great you’re renting a car! that will allow you to truly experience Tuscany and also spare time. Since Florence is excluded and you’re leaving from Pisa, I recommend you head south, on a itinerary that will make you explore and admire some of the most scenic and beautiful hill top towns of Tuscany. Your first stop may be the stunning Volterra, high on top of a promontory with spectacular views…Volterra itself is amazing. Then pass on to San Gimignano, where I would stop for an overnight. San Gimignano is actually one of those places that must be absolutely visited, its medieval towers and all the surrounding countryside make it unique in Italy. Then pass on to Siena, not just the city of the Palio, its beauty will impress you! You may stay in Siena or in its scenic countryside another overnight. Finally drive again south and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Val d’Orcia region, where is the most spectacular landscape of the region and where you’ll find some of the most famous and stunning hill towns and villages: Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pienza.
Let me know if you need any other suggestion,
Enjoy your Tuscan vacation!

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