4 days in Tuscany: Planning an itinerary

4 days in Tuscany

Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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4 days in Tuscany

Hi Elena,

We are planning a 3-4 days in Tuscany. For now we have not decided to hire a car. Can we visit Chianti area using Public transport or is that not a good idea.

What other options we have. We intend to spend a day or 1.5 days I Florence and onc day we would like to enjoy Chianti Area.

A quick response will be appreciated.


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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Hello Ashraf,
Thanks for getting in touch.
Tuscany is actually best explored by having a car, and that is true especially for Chianti, where to move using public transportation can be a bit difficult.
You could start by visiting Florence and while there you will not need the car, as the town center is small and can be visited on foot or using the bus.
Another day in Chianti but renting a car or if you’re not willing to drive, consider an organized tour.
I would spend another day visting the beautiful Siena and possibly the famous town by medieval towers, San Gimignano
Here is an article of mine with some itinerary ideas, take a look.
feel free to contact me again,
Have a nice holiday,

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