A nice evening in Lucca

By 1 Settembre 2011 Gennaio 25th, 2021 Traveling in Tuscany

Yesterday afternoon we made our way to the lovely walled city of Lucca and really had a great time!
We had the little Kira with us so we just had a wonderful walk along the ancient and magnificent walls and fortifications all surrounding the historical center. If you have no dogs with you I highly suggest renting a bicycle and explore every single corner of this lovely town.

Lucca is very near Pisa and is well worth an overnight stay or a day trip from Florence, only at one hour’s distance. It’s a very quiet and charming place, perfect to have a relaxing time, so full of beautiful Romanesque churches, medieval towers, and fascinating squares, and also offering very good restaurants and wonderful and particular shops!

The city of Lucca in Tuscany

After strolling on the panoramic walls, that offer a nice and different view over the town, we accessed the historical center and wandered through the many narrow streets and Renaissance buildings, until we reached Piazza Anfiteatro, a unique square with circular shape, built over the ancient Roman arena, and characterized by nice bars and amazing shops, especially the ones dedicated to home and kitchen accessories.

After some good and satisfying shopping, we were ready for dinner time!

We are used to dine at Gli Orti di Via Elisa restaurant, serving many delicious local specialties and serving what is the best home made bread I’ve ever tasted! All dishes are prepared with the great local food, also coming from the near Garfagnana region; you should definitely try the zuppa di farro, the terrina di caciotta, and the buccellato cake! Kira was very happy as well 🙂

While there we also learned that the birthplace of the great Italian composer Giacomo Puccini in Lucca, reopens its doors to visitors from all over the world this upcoming September 13, 2011. We’ll not miss the event.

For more information have a look here: “The Maestro comes back home

We couldn’t end the day in a better way! 🙂


  • Antonio Cecchini ha detto:

    Ciao Elena seguirò di sicuro il tuo consiglio! Grazie!!!!!
    P.s. metti altre ricette al blog, che alcune le ho provate e sono eccezionali 🙂


    • elena ha detto:

      Grazie mille Antonio 🙂
      mi fà piacere che ti piacciano le mie ricette!
      Ne metto altre prestissimo così poi mi dirai…

  • mary margaret bell ha detto:

    Dear Elena,

    After reading this, ,maybe Lucca is the best town for commuting to Florence. Ot would you suggest another?

    Mary Margaret

    • elena nacci ha detto:

      Dear Mary,
      Here I am 🙂
      Lucca can be a great place as a base, as its has the train station right next the medieval walls and it’s perfect for commuting to Florence. The other one I suggested is Siena,

      Let me know if I can be of any further help,

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